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Single print head inkjet coder with separate 5 inch touch screen LCD controller for maximum flexibility in installation and operation. An all metal construction assures maximum durability and stability.


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  • Selectable Languages English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Fonts The default font is Arial. Other fonts may be uploaded by the user.
  • Barcodes UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, ENA128, PDF417, DATAMATRIX and QR.  Additional Barcodes may be uploaded by the user. Supports variable barcode.
  • Date Formats Variety of date modes available (Production Date, Use by Date, Expiration Date, etc.)
  • Counters Flexible setting for serial number, Lot-Box code counters.
  • Print Speed Print speed can be set, auto-measuring or using external synchronizer.
  • Multi-Management Multi-level password protection (Operator, Technician and Administrator).
  • PC Software’s Database MS Excel,  MS Access,  SQL2000, SQL 2005, SQL2008.
  • Device Database Support RS-232, Ethernet.

Technical Parameters

  • Technology HP TIJ2.5, utilizing HP driver board for reliability of printing quality.
  • Dimensions (H*W*D): Controller 151*93*32mm / Print Head 175*52*33mm.
  • Power Supply 12V/3A, 36W  (Dedicated AC adaptor).
  • Printable Height 1~12.7mm
  • Printing speed 0-60m/min (300 DPI).
  • Resolution 50~600DPI.
  • Port
    1) Ethernet: 100Mb/s, Synchronized control of multiple devices via PC;
    2) USB2.0: Support U-Disk;
    3) DB15: For external devices like photocell, synchronizer or alarm kit connection.
  • Printing Objects Barcodes, Character, Numeric, Logos, Date/Time, Expiry Date, Shift Code, Counter and Lot-Box Code.
  • Interface
    5inch 800*480 color LCD touch screen;
  • Ink management
    1) Automatically recognizes the ink types and identifies the optimum printing parameters;
    2) Guarantee of using genuine original HP ink;
    3) Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink.
  • Mounting Standard side, downside and anti-shock printing bracket.
  • Product Certification CE、FCC.
  • Environment
    1) Working Environment: -10°– +55°C;  10%-85% RH;
    2) Storage Environment:  -25°– +80°C;  10%-90% RH.

Ink Solution

  • Supports 42ml, 370ml and 350ml cartridges of HP TIJ2.5 technology.
  • Supports various colors of ink: black, red, green, blue.
  • Supports ink for porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials.